True to Life is an ongoing lecture series and experiment in community building hosted by Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Jen Howk. Our seminars happen 3 times a year and take place in Northern Virginia with a small audience, and are also livestreamed and via replay for those who can’t attend in person.

Typically the one-day event occurs on a Sunday from 10am-3pm (Eastern time) and consists of two original lectures from Doug and Jen in the morning, and then after lunch an audience Q&A with all in attendance (virtually and in person.) For in person attendees, there are also options to attend a dinner reception on Saturday night and/or to attend a women’s workshop with Jen on Saturday afternoon.

Registration for our next event on Oct 1 is now open!

VIRTUAL registration for the livestream (including the replay) can be found here.

IN PERSON registration to join us in Front Royal can be found here.

To purchase a previous replay, you can click the “buy” buttons on the videos below.

Questions this page doesn’t answer? Email truetolifelectures@gmail.com