True to Life is an ongoing lecture series and experiment in community building hosted by Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Jen Howk. Our seminars happen 3 times a year and take place in Northern Virginia with a small audience, and are also livestreamed and via replay for those who can’t attend in person.

Our upcoming seminar is scheduled to begin Sunday 10/1 at 10am (Eastern time) and to go roughly until 3pm (Eastern time.) The schedule consists of two original lectures from Doug and Jen in the morning, and then after lunch an audience Q&A with all in attendance (virtually and in person.) For in person attendees, there are also options to attend a dinner reception on Saturday night and/or to attend a women’s workshop with Jen on Saturday afternoon.

Registration for our next event on Oct 1 is now open!

VIRTUAL registration for the livestream (including the replay) can be found here.

IN PERSON registration to join us in Front Royal can be found here.

To purchase a previous replay, you can click the “buy” buttons on the videos below.

Questions this page doesn’t answer? Email truetolifelectures@gmail.com